Men's League

2019 Men’s League

Meal specials will be served starting at 5:00pm for $5/plate.  The cafe will close at 9:00pm every Wednesday evening.

Men’s League Payouts August 14, 2019

Proximity Contest:
#2     Ed Laswell                            $10
#7     Rich Huffman                    $10
#11   Tim Rikoff                            $10
#17   Rod Kreie                             $10

33 1st Jason Laub/Matt Koontz                                      $18.88 per player
33 1st  Rich Huffman/Bob Brenneman                        $18.88 per player
33 1st  Andrew Reese/Jerry Alderson                         $18.88 per player

38 1st Mike Ginal/Anthony Roy                                     $14.16 per player
38 1st  Larry Floyd/Ryan Floyd                                        $14.16 per player
38 1st  Jeff Martin/Bob Janzer                                         $14.16 per player
38 1st  Jack Sims/Jack Warkentine                                  $14.16 per player
40 1st Bryon Bridges/Zach Mabry                                 $18.88 per player
40 1st  Dane Lawrence/Bob Runge                               $18.88 per player
40 1st  Todd Loescher/Larry Gronau                            $18.88 per player


31 1st Rod Kreie/Jason High                                            $28.33 per player
33 2nd Adam Gilke/Tony Biachella                                 $14.16 per player
33 2nd Brant Benninga/Maurice Benninga                $14.16 per player

38 1st  Dean Davis/Jim Werries                                      $8.09 per player
38 1st Rick Freeman/Russ Banta                                    $8.09 per player
38 1st :Tony Jaso/Dave Morrison                                   $8.09 per player
38 1st  Sam Simon/Dan Wharton                                   $8.09 per player
38 1st John Enslow/Dave Richards                                $8.09 per player

38 1st Joe Sailors/Mark Fox                                            $8.09 per player
38 1st  Dan High/Mike Turner                                         $8.09 per player

40 1st: Ralph Shue/Jim Head                                           $22.66 per player
40 1st Dave Despard/Gary Tharpe                                $22.66 per player
41 3rd Ted Jantz/Mark Geidel                                         $11.33 per player


August 21st Pairings

Hole             Group A                 Group B
10A Ben Mabry/Luke Simmering 1A Richard Simon/Mike Canady
10A Brian Robertson/Ryan Baker 1A David Oller/Chris Monares
10B Bob Gillispie/Jim Flickinger 1B Carl Hagman/David Briar
10B Brad Cooper/ Steve Roecker 1B Christian Chappell/Mike Hyatt
11A Brady Coffman/Logan Glick 2A Corky Pederson / Dick Reeves
11A Brian Runge / Pat Charlsen 2A Damon Herl/ Tim Rikoff
11B Anthony Roy / Mike Ginal 2B Dan High / Mike Turner
11B Bruce Snelling/Jack Kelly 2B Dave Bean / Ron Lang
12A Bryon Bridges/Zach Mabry 3A Dave Despard / Gary Tharpe
12A Larry Gronau/Todd Loescher 3A Dave Morrison / Tony Jaso
12B Cody Claasen/Lance Claasen 3B Dave Richards/John Enslow
12B Dane Lawrence / Bob Runge 3B Dean Davis / Jim Werries
13A Bill Charlsen/Brandon Charlsen 4A Matt Hamm/Jeff Whorton
13A Dennis Alexander/Jim Coffey 4A Dylan Porter / Tim Porter
13B Ed Laswell / Rick Altum 4B Charles Craig/Rick Glover
13B Gary Hill/Rick Wray 4B Frank Stuck/Joey Jackson
14A Greg Samuels/Jeff Jones 5A Joe Eickman/Steve Clausel
14A Jack Sims/Jack Warkentine 5A Jake Sowders / Matt Fish
14B Jared Panzer/ Pete Kaufman 5B Jim Head/Ralph Shue
14B Jeff Martin/Bob Janzen 5B Joe Sailors/Mark Fox
15A Jerry Alderson / Andrew Reese 6A Heath Westeman/Boston Basham
15A Shane Whitimer / Nick Mackey 6A Sam Simon/ Dan Wharton
15B Joe Larimor / Chris Goevert 6B Trent Nelson/ James Torres
15B John Kingsley / Don Kingsley 6B Adam Galke/Tony Bianciella
16A Josh Gillispie / Steve Ratzlaff 7A Randy Hujing/ Doug Hague
16A Kent Jost/ Randy Linton 7A Rick Freeman/Russ Banta
16B Kevin Alsberry/ Noah McLaughlin 7B Rod Kreie/Jason High
16B Kirk Kelly/ Larry Siemens 7B Scott Ferguson / Mike Hamilton
17A Larry Floyd / Ryan Floyd 8A Jim Yoder/Bernie Zuercher
17A Mark Boston/Bryce Buller 8A Ted Jantz / Mark Geidel
17B Matt Kootnz/Jason Laub 8B Terry Kendrick/Kris Wondra
17B Monty Frey/Dan Zerger 8B Terry Lata/Don Herman
18A Rich Huffman/Bob Brennaman 9A Tim Dirks/Ryan Dirks
18A Steve Rusche/Dave Pendry 9A Tony Hoops / Gregg Dick
18B Matt Alexander/Kyle Coffey 9B Rod Hartshorn/Nathan Briar
18B Travis Powell / Jeremy Jenson 9B Maurice Benninga/Brant Benninga
Yellow/White/Blue Par 5’s-Yellow/Red, Par 4’s- White/Yellow, Par 3’s- Blue/White
seniors (red/yellow/white)

Sand Creek Station’s
Wednesday Night Men’s League is focused towards players of all skills levels and abilities who are interested in having a fun night out with friends.

  • Each team will consist of two players, one of which can be substituted any given week
  • Each Wednesday Evening we will offer different formats of play and different contests, all of which are designed to be fun and informal
  • A weekly fee of $14 (no charge for annual passholders) will be charged. This fee includes green fees, cart fee and range balls
  • There will be a pay-out each week for 3 flights and 3 places on each nine
  • There will be a season-long points race for prizes at the end-of-year banquet
  • $1.50 draft beers and discounted appetizers will be sold each Wednesday Night
  • The League will begin on Wednesday, April 10th and run for 18 consecutive weeks (weather permitting).

Senior League

August 19th, 20th and 22nd

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am!

August 26th, 27th and 29th next week! 

8:30am start.


Senior League at Sand Creek Station will meet twice a week depending on weather.  Join our E-Club to receive notification emails on league dates.

Shotgun start (dependent on weather) 8:30. Cost $20 for 18 holes

The main focus of this league to get to together with your buddies and have FUN!

If you are interested in joining the Senior League, please contact Chris Tuohey at

Wednesday Night Men’s League Only
There will be a one time entry fee for league enrollment of $135. This fee covers the cost of our league banquet, hole-in-one prize pool, weekly proximity contest prizes, season ending prizes, league administration and the weekly fee for prizes and credits. Checks should be made to Sand Creek Station Golf Club.

You may register in the Pro Shop or mail your check to:
Sand Creek Station Golf Club
920 Meadowbrook Drive
Newton, KS. 67114

Shotgun starts at 5:30.  A substitute list will be provided at the Pro Shop in the event you cannot attend any given Wednesday. Weekly winners will be posted via e-mail the morning following play and credit will be issued to winners for use anytime at Sand Creek Station.  It’s all about having fun!

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