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Men's League

2023 Men’s League Payouts for Wednesday May 24th  

Proximity Contest:
#1 Matt Becker                    $10
#7 Jason Laub.                    $10
#14 Bryan Shue.                $10
#17 Larry Floyd                  $10



30 1st Matt Koontz/Jason Laub                                  $28.33 each
34 2nd Rocky Lamar/Jim McKain                               $5.66 each
34 2nd Josh Gillispie/Steve Ratzlaff                           $5.66 each

34 2nd Bill and Brandon Charlsen                               $5.66 each

34 2nd Lance Claassen/Travis Rose                            $5.66 each

34 2nd Don and John Kingsley                                     $5.66 each


36 1st Dave Bean/Ron Lang                                     $9.44 each
36 1st Ed Laswell/Rick Altum                                   $9.44 each

36 1st John Robinson/Larry Sadd                             $9.44 each

36 1st Gary Hill/Rick Wray                                         $9.44 each

36 1st Steven Rusche/Dave Pendry                         $9.44 each

36 1st Tony Jaso/Dave Morrison                               $9.44 each


39 1st Tim Dirks/Ryan Dirks                                     $7.08 each
39 1st Duane Jones/Doug Nyman                          $7.08 each

39 1st Jack and Sean Kelly                                       $7.08 each

39 1st Brady Coffman/Logan Glock                       $7.08 each

39 1st Christian Chappel/Mike Hyatt                    $7.08 each

39 1st Patrick Charlsen/Brian Runge                    $7.08 each

39 1st Bob Gillispie/Jim Flickinger                        $7.08 each

39 1st Dylan and Tim Porter                                 $7.08 each



31 1st Frank Stucky/Joey Jackson                               $28.33 each
32 2nd Doug and Tanner Pauls                                    $16.99 each
33 3rd Tony Hoops/Gregg Dick                                    $2.26 each

33 3rd Kameron High/Micky Shreves                         $2.26 each

33 3rd Matt Davis/Adam Stewart                               $2.26 each

33 3rd Brant and Maury Benninga                              $2.26 each

33 3rd Joe Eickman/Steve Clausel                               $2.26 each


36 1st Terry Kendrick/Kris Wondra                           $22.66 each

36 1st Noah McLaughlin/Kevin Allsburry                 $22.66 each

37 3rd Jim Coffey/Dennis Alexander                         $1.41 each

37 3rd Todd Loescher/Jeff Lindholm                         $1.41 each

37 3rd Kevin Staley/Shawn Hege.                               $1.41 each

37 3rd Mike Lowry/Brian Lowry.                                $1.41 each
37 3rd Rick Freeman/Russ Banta                               $1.41 each

37 3rd Sam Simon/Dan Wharton                              $1.41 each

37 3rd Boyd Valentine/Alex Byrd                                $1.41 each

37 3rd Michael Canady/Rich Simon                            $1.41  each

39 1st Dean Davis/Jim Werries                                    $18.88 each
39 1st Bryan and Ralph Shue.                                     $18.88 each
39 1st Travis Powell/Jeremy Jensen                           $18.88 each


13A Tyler Springer/Nathan Briar 9B Ben Mabry/Luke Simmering
15B Bill Charlsen/Brandon Charlsen 3A Duane Yoder/Jim Yoder
14A Bob Gillispie/Jim Flickinger 6B Brant Benninga/Maurice Benninga
16B Lance Claasen/Travis Rose 1A Larry Teague/Justin Gilbert
13B Bob Runge/Dane Lawrence 6A Charles Craig/Rick Glover
17A Brady Coffman/Logan Glock 7B Mike Lowry/Brian Lowry
12B Sean Kelly/Jack Kelly 8B Eric Kendrick/Derick Botterwick
10B Bryce Buller/Mark Boston 1B Dave Richards/John Enslow
16A Steve Roecker/Brad Cooper 8A Dean Davis/Jim Werries
17B Dave Despard/Jon Lewin 2B Dennis Alexander/Jim Coffey
14B David Briar/Carl Hagman 4A Micky Shreves/Kameron High
14B Duane Jones/Doug Nyman 5B Kevin Allsbury/Noah McLaughlin
12A Gary Hill/Rick Wray 5B Frank Stucky/Joey Jackson
12A Jack Sims/Jack Warkentine 4A Greg Samuels/Jeff Jones
17B John Kingsley/Don Kingsley 1B James Torres/Austin Cooper
16A John Roberts/Brent Coffman 8A Avi Babu/Casey Schoonover
10B Josh Gillispie/Steve Ratzlaff 2B Larry Floyd/Doug Jung
12B Ken Blank/Matt Becker 8B Joe Eickman/Steve Clausel
17A Sean Porter/Dave Oller 7B Kris Wondra/Terry Kendrick
13B Kirk Kelly/Larry Siemens 6A Boyd Valentine/Alex Byrd
16B Dave Pendry/Steve Rusche 1A Brandon Webb/Todd Miller
14A Rocky Lamar/Jim McKain 6B Kyle Coffey/Kyle Mutt
15B Matt Koontz/Jason Laub 3A Dave Ayers/Mike Nottingham
10A Mike Hyatt/Christian Chappell 7A Ralph Shue/Brian Shue
11A Jerry Gaede/Dan Zerger 2A Matt Davis/Adam Stewart
18B Patrick Charlson/Brian Runge 5A Richard Simon/Mike Canady
15A Randy Hujing/Doug Hague 4B Rod Kreie/Jason High
11B Rick Altum/Ed Laswell 9A Russ Banta/Rick Freeman
18A Larry Sadd/John Robinson 3B Sam Simon/Dan Whorton
13A Rod Hartshorn/John Oberlechner 9B Chris Wedel/Joey Joliff
18A Ron Lang/Dave Bean 3B Doug Pauls/Lane Pauls
11B Rusty Joliff/Randy Tolle 9A Sean Hege/Kevin Staley
15A Ryan Dirks/Tim Dirks 4B Todd Loescher/Jeff Lindholm
18B Don Herman/Rick Finney 5A Tony Hoops/Gregg Dick
11A Tim Porter/Dylan Porter 2A Travis Powell/Jeremy Jensen
10A Tony Jaso/Dave Morrison 7A Vince Sarinana/Preston Burke
Format: 2 Person Scramble

2023 Payment:

Men’s League members are to pay the full $135.00 entry fee before close of business on March 1st.  This fee includes the $25 entry fee, $90 prize fund, and $20 Hole-In-One fee. This is to guarantee your spot in the 2023 Men’s League.  In order to validate your spot in the League, both players on each team must have paid.  On March 1st, any remaining spots for teams will be filled according to our waitlist.

As a reminder, all players (non-pass holders) must fill out a Prepay form.  The form will secure that weekly payments are met; however, if any players wish to pay at the counter either with cash, or another credit card other than the one provided on your pre-pay form, this will be allowed. If either payment options are not recognized in the Pro Shop, your card on file will be charged the $17. Receipts may be picked up anytime after Wednesday evening. We do understand that committing to 18 weeks is a lofty goal; therefore, if you plan on having a Substitute play in your place, please inform the Pro Shop at least 24 hours prior. In addition, if any pass-holder uses a non-member in their place, the Substitute must pay the $17 fee. Pass-holder agreements do not entitle rounds to be transferred clearly stated in our pass-holder contract.


2023 Formats:

Formats for the 2023 season will hopefully provide a fun and competitive environment; yet keeping pace of play flowing.  There will be three formats:  Red-White-Blue, 2-Man Scramble, and a Hybrids/Irons Only Scramble.  (The “2-putt” rule will be in effect for the entire season).

  • Red-White-Blue (2-man scramble, play holes 1-3 (10-12) from the red tee’s, play holes 4-6 (13-15) from the white tees, and 7-9 (16-18) from the blue tees).
  • 2-Man Scramble (self-explanatory, both players play from the best shot until holed).
  • Irons/Hybrids Only Scramble (You can only use a hybrid or iron for your first shot from the tee ground). Men- gold tees Seniors 65+ – Red tees.


All credits must be used by the end of the year.

Both points and pay-outs will be viewable on our website at under the “Leagues” Men’s League tab.  These totals will be available no later than Friday following every play night.

2023 Hole in One Payouts:

The Hole in One Payouts is a progressive format. The deeper into the season a hole in on is made, the bigger the payout. Example, if someone makes a hole in one during week 1, they total payout is $144 (one dollar per league member). If someone makes a hole in one in week 5 with no recorded hole in one in the previous weeks, the total payout would be $720 (144 players at one dollar per week times five $144×5=$720). Any residual money left in the hole in one account typically is given to a local charity or course improvements. This is voted upon at the Fall Meeting/Steak Feed.

Post Season Play:

After the Men’s League season is finished, we will honor the $19 rate on Wednesday evenings only, after 5:00pm for the remainder of the year.  This is a nine-hole rate that will only apply on Wednesday and after 5:00pm.  The rate only applies to Men’s League Players who paid the $135 entry fee.


Thank you very much for your participation in our 2023 Men’s League.  We appreciate your business and continuous loyalty of our golf course.

Senior League 



Senior League at Sand Creek Station will meet twice a week depending on weather.  Join our E-Club to receive notification emails on league dates.

Shotgun start (dependent on weather)  Cost $25 for 18 holes

The main focus of this league to get to together with your buddies and have FUN!

If you are interested in joining the Senior League, please contact Chris Tuohey at [email protected]

Wednesday Night Men’s League Only
There will be a one time entry fee for league enrollment of $135. This fee covers the cost of our league banquet, hole-in-one prize pool, weekly proximity contest prizes, season ending prizes, league administration and the weekly fee for prizes and credits. Checks should be made to Sand Creek Station Golf Club.

You may register in the Pro Shop or mail your check to:
Sand Creek Station Golf Club
920 Meadowbrook Drive
Newton, KS. 67114

Shotgun starts at 5:30.  A substitute list will be provided at the Pro Shop in the event you cannot attend any given Wednesday. Weekly winners will be posted via e-mail the morning following play and credit will be issued to winners for use anytime at Sand Creek Station.  It’s all about having fun!

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