Annual Passholder Information

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that each and every passholder is proud to be a part of. We think of our passholders as an extension of our Sand Creek Station family. It will be our pleasure to serve you and provide you with not only the best customer service in the area, but a golf course you will never tire of.

Passholder Classification
Annual Cost
Monthly Payment
M-F anytime – Resident
M-F anytime – Non-Resident
7-Day – Resident
7-Day – Non-Resident
M-F anytime – Senior Resident
M-F anytime – Senior Non-Resident
7-Day – Senior Resident
7-Day – Senior Non-Resident
7-Day Family – Resident
7-Day Family – Non-Resident
  • All passholder fees include Cart Fee and Unlimited Range Use.
  • Family passholders allow spouses and all dependents 18 and under, or in high school, who live in the household the privileges of the pass.
  • Monthly plan options require the first two months at the time of signing.
  • A two-month cancellation fee will be applied to any passholder who wishes to terminate his/her annual pass.
  • Passes are valid for one full year upon purchase.
  • Senior passes apply to anyone 55 years and older.

The Sand Creek Station Passholder Program Benefits:

  • Eight-day advanced tee times (one more than the general public)
  • Unlimited range balls
  • 10% off all merchandise purchases (not applicable to already-reduced items)
  • Reduced entry fees to all our Themed Tournaments
Sand Creek Station Range Pass
Unlimited Range Balls – $300